• Blonder, Erwin

    Blonder served with the 36th Inf Div in Europe and was part of the "Lost Battalion"

  • Boggs, Lindy

    Marie Corinne Boggs, usually known as Lindy Boggs was a United States political figure who served as a member of the U.S.

  • Boitnott, Joseph

    Joseph Boitnott served in the army as a machine gunner in the 1st Battalion, 168th Infantry Regiment, 34th Infantry Division.

  • Bollinger, Ardell

    Ardell Bollinger served with the 546th Bombardment Squadron in Europe. He was shot down by Herbert Huppertz but escaped and evaded capture.

  • Bouck, Lyle

    Bouck served with the 99th Infantry Division during Battle of the Bulge where he became a POW

  • Bourgeois, Henry

    Bourgeois was a pilot who served in Marine Fighting Squadron 214, the "Blacksheep Squadron"

  • Breaux, Lavenia

    Mrs. Lavenia Breaux served with an all African-American unit within the Women's Army Corps (WAC)

  • Brissie, Lou

    Brissie served in Italy as part of the 88th Infantry Division. After the war he played baseball.

  • Brooks, Howard

    Brooks served aboard the USS Houston, spent time in a life boat and became a POW of the Japanese.

  • Brown, Jr, Roscoe C.

    Roscoe Brown served with the Tuskeegee Airmen in Italy.

  • Bryan, Donald

    Donald Bryan served in the US Army Air Forces as a fighter pilot in the 328th Fighter Squadron, 352nd Fighter Group, 8th Air Force.

  • Buschmeier, Frank

    Frank Buschmeier flew with the 100th Bombardment Group in Europe.