• Aigner, Eva

    Aigner spent time in a Budapest, Hungary ghetto when she was a child with her mother and sister

  • Akins, Robert Ray

    Akins served with the 1st Marine Division and saw combat on Okinawa.

  • Anderson, Bud

    Anderson was a triple Ace who flew P-51 Mustang fighter aircraft with the 363rd Fighter Squadron.

  • Armanini, Joe

    Armanini flew as Lead Bombardier in the 349th Bombardment Squadron with the 8th Air Force

  • Bailey, Herman Paul

    Bailey served with the 7th Marine Regiment, 1st Marine Division on Okinawa.

  • Baker, Dan

    Baker served in the 42nd Infantry Division and participated in the liberation of Dachau.

  • Baldwin, Lewis "Jack"

    Baldwin served with in 2nd Infantry Division in Normandy, Belgium, Germany and Czechoslovakia.

  • Baptiste, Wallace

    Baptiste served aboard the USS Hopkins. He participated in a battle off Guadalcanal.

  • Barfoot, Van

    Barfoot served in the 45th Infantry Division in Europe and earned the Medal of Honor.

  • Baum, Abe

    Baum commanded Task Force Baum in the attempt to liberate OFLAG XIII-B, near Hammelburg, Germany.

  • Baumgarten, Harold

    Baumgarten served with the 29th Inf Div and landed with the first wave of attack on Omaha Beach.

  • Baynham, James

    Baynham flew with the 445th Bombardment Group before he was captured and sent to Stalag Luft I.