• Phoutrides, Ari

    Phoutrides served aboard the USS Laffey as a quartermaster at Normandy as well as in the Pacific

  • Pisanos, Steve

    Steve Pisanos served with the 334th Fighter Squadron in Europe.

  • Pomroy, Frank

    Pomroy served with the 1st Marine Div at Tenaru River and later at Cape Gloucester and Peleliu.

  • Quigley, Tom

    Tom Quigley served with the 2nd Infantry Division in Europe.

  • Quintana, Ben

    Quintana served with the 1st Raider Battalion during the Battle of Bloody Ridge on Guadalcanal.

  • Rackley, Clifford W

    Rackley served in the 15th Air Force as a B-17 pilot and completed 30 missions over enemy territory.

  • Radford, Charles

    Radford served with the 34th Infantry Division from North Africa through the Italian Campaign.

  • Ramage, James D.

    Ramage served aboard the USS Enterprise and flew with Bombing Squadron 10 (VB10) in the Pacific

  • Rankin, Robert

    Rankin flew P-47 Thunderbolts with the 56th Fighter Group 'Zemke's Wolfpack'

  • Reaves, Josephine

    Josephine Reaves served in the US Army Nurse Corps as a registered nurse at the 298th General Hospital in England then the 24th Field Evacuation Ho

  • Renstrom, Keith

    Renstrom served with the 4th Marine Division and made the landings at Saipan, Tinian and Iwo Jima.

  • Reynolds, Harley

    Harley Reynolds served with the 16th Infantry Regiment, 1st Infantry Division in Europe.