• Kaylor, Emmett

    Kaylor served in the Philippines and was part of the force that liberated Los Banos Prison Camp.

  • Keema, John

    John Keema served as a Bombardier in the 390th Bombardment Group from August 1943 until January 1944.

  • Kelso, Robert E.

    Lt. Col. Robert E Kelso (Ret.) enlisted underage and served with the 342nd Armored Field Artillery Battalion in Europe.

  • Killam, Arthur

    Arthur Killam served aboard the USS Sea Dragon (SS194) in the Pacific.

  • Kirk, Mancel

    Mancel Kirk served in the army in Company G,2nd Battalion, 168th Infantry Regiement, 34th Infantry Division in Europe.

  • Kleiss, Norman J.

    Kleiss was an SBD Dauntless pilot in Scouting Squadron 6 aboard the USS Enterprise (CV6).

  • Kuroki, Ben

    Ben Kuroki was the only Japanese American to fly combat missions in the Pacific.

  • Kuwayama, Yeiichi "Kelly"

    Japanese American Yeiichi "Kelly" Kuwayama served as a medic with the 442nd Regimental Combat Team.

  • Laborde, Lucien

    Lucien Laborde served with the 29th Infantry Division in Europe.

  • Lansford, William Douglas

    William Douglas Lansdord served with the 2nd Marine Raider Battalion also known as Carlson's Raiders.

  • LaPorta, Edward

    Edward La Porta served in the 1st Armored Division. He was captured in Italy and became a POW.

  • Lazarick, Len

    Lazarick served with the 96th Infantry Division as a combat medic.