• Barnes, William

    William 'Bill' Barnes served aboard the USS PC590 with the United States Coast Guard

  • Barrick, Calvin

    Calvin Barrick held the rating of Quartermaster 2nd Class and served aboard the submarine USS Tang, SS306, for her first three war patrols.

  • Baum, Abe

    Baum commanded Task Force Baum in the attempt to liberate OFLAG XIII-B, near Hammelburg, Germany.

  • Baumgarten, Harold

    Baumgarten served with the 29th Inf Div and landed with the first wave of attack on Omaha Beach.

  • Baynham, James

    Baynham flew with the 445th Bombardment Group before he was captured and sent to Stalag Luft I.

  • Bell, Bryan

    Bell served as a rifleman with the 79th Infantry Division from Normandy through Germany.

  • Benario, Janice

    Janice Benario was a member of the WAVES and worked with ULTRA intercepts decoding messages about German U-boats and ship movements.

  • Biddle, Melvin

    Biddle served with the 517th Parachute Infantry Regiment and received the Medal of Honor.

  • Billow, Harold

    Billow served with the 285th Field Artillery Observation Bn and experienced the Malmedy Massacre.

  • Bishop, Charles

    Bishop served aboard the USS Cummings (DD365) and the USS Piranha (SS389)

  • Blanchard, Robert C.

    Blanchard served aboard the USS Franklin where he received his last rites but later recovered

  • Blanckenburg, William "Bill"

    William Blanckenburg served in the army as a rifleman in Company A, 1st Battalion, 7th Infantry Regiment, 3rd Infantry Division.