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Raymond Wells was born in Eagle, Colorado in April 1922. He was living in Secora, New Mexico and remembers the day when the Depression hit. Secora was a small town so his family paid for groceries on a monthly basis. He remembers going to the grocery store and the owners said no more credit. His mother started selling the family’s furniture for groceries. Wells’s father worked on the railroad. Before his family lived in Secora they lived in Carthage which was a mining town near San Antonio. From Carthage they moved to a small town that was flooded by the Rio Grande. The family moved to their uncle’s house until their family found their own home and settled in Secora. While there, Wells attended school in a Catholic convent. Wells remembers an incident when another boy stole something and tried to blame it on him but a nun who was a favorite of his stood up for him. After three years the family moved to El Paso, Texas where he attended high school. His sophomore year he enlisted in the National Guard during a trip to the armory. Wells went there with a friend. Both of them were underage but joined up anyway. His brother joined a few months later. Wells joined Company H, 141st Infantry Regiment on 2 February 1939. On 25 November 1940 he was inducted into federal service. From there they boarded passenger trains and moved to Camp Bowie, Texas. Wells remember when draftees came to camp because they were all from Texas and trained there. Wells learned about Pearl Harbor while he was working in a kitchen but no one understood the implications of the attack. In 1942 they were moved to Camp Blanding, Florida where they got their first draftees from New York and New Jersey. Wells moved to Camp Edwards and continued training there.


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