Segment 8


At Lohr, they lost their 1st tank from a German Panzerfaust. Baum says they did not have time to think about it, they had to keep moving. They could not stop. Baum was always with the column, he moved around to talk to the company commanders and made sure the column was moving and where it needed to be. They experienced intense fighting at Gemunden. There was a bridge in Gemunden that Baum wanted to take. The bridge was rigged with bombs. When the column started moving over the bridge, the Germans opened fire. Then the Germans blew the bridge. Baum's recon and infantry platoons were captured and were cut off from the rest of the column. Then they arranged for German guides and started headed in through towns. Baum was wounded at Gemunden. Baum did feel he was a good leader and that his men had confidence in him. After the bridge was blown, Baum was forced to find another way to Hammelburg. Plus he knew he would never get to Hammelburg if he engaged the Germans at every opportunity. Their guide to Hammelburg was a German civilian who owned a pub and hotel called Grunenbaum. Baum went to see the family many years later, he found the family again. He did not trust the guide at 1st, but now he knows he should have. He should've followed the directions given by the German guide, attacking from a different angle.The guide has since died.


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