Segment 7


Baum remembers when they broke through Schweinheim they were moving pretty fast. By that point, the Germans knew they were coming, but they did not know they were heading towards Hammelburg until later on that day. When the Germans saw Baum's task force, they thought the 3rd Army was moving, so they adjusted their positions. Before they reached Hammelburg, Baum's task force caused a lot of damage along the road. They knocked out telephone poles, fired on a locomotive train, and knocked out tug boats in the river. Germans surrendered to them along their route. They captured a soldier claiming to be a General, Baum did not think he was. They interrogated him and made him sit on the front of 1 of the halftracks. The men were uncomfortable being around the German General. At 1 point, he looked back at the rest of the task force and the German General was gone. He has no idea what happened to him. He remembers encountering Russian POWs. It made things more difficult for the column. During the mission, Baum switched the positions of the tanks depending upon the danger present.


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