Segment 4


Baum's combat command was a reserve command and the 1st 1 into the area at the front of the division. They came under a different Corps Commander, who wanted them to send a small task force into Bastogne. This was unheard of. Baum was a Major at this time. When they reached Bastogne, they reported to the 101st Airborne Command. They sent Baum and his men to support the 10th Armored Division, but when Patton heard about this, he ordered them out. He did not want the 4th Armored Division serving under another Army. By the time Baum left the 101st Command, Bastogne was being surrounded. He was taking on small arms fire in his jeep.Baum's men moved into Bastogne twice. At this time, his unit was with the 8th Tank Battalion. They were on foot. This was the 1st time Baum was given command of a task force. He recalls how much distress the 106th and 28th Divisions were under by the time Baum and his men reached Bastogne, but the 101st faired better. He was hurt by the fact that no one would put his men to work when they reached the 101st Command and that he was put in another Army. Baum recalls his personal opinions of Patton. He would not want to be related to him, but he respected him and his performance was outstanding. When Patton gave an order, everyone listened. People did not like Patton's mentality.


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