Rising sun insignia on the bridge of a carrier denote Japanese planes shot down by the aircraft flying from the flat-top, March 1945

U.S. Navy Official photograph, Gift of Charles Ives, from the collection of The National World War II Museum

10. Photograph. Rising Sun flags painted on the island of an aircraft carrier. “File Number TR-12746 Feature release: March 20, 1945 Recorded Death – Rising sun insignia painted on the bridge of a Navy aircraft carrier denote the number of Jap [Japanese] planes shot down by the Navy aircraft flying from the flat-top. Rear Admiral Gerald Bogan, USN, peers out at the horizon over the top of the ‘scoreboard’” 20 March 1945


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20 Mar 1945-
Theater of Service: 
Pacific Theater of Operations
Topical Subjects: 
Aircraft carriers--American
Military decorations
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The Charles Ives Collection consists of 719 photographs from the Pacific Theater of WWII. Many of the photographs were taken between 1944 and 1945. Mr. Ives inherited the photographs from a friend from Marblehead, Massachusetts who served as an aviator in the Army Air Corps and discharged as a Major in 1945.