Commander David McCampbell, ace five times on 29 October 1944

U.S. Navy Official photograph, Gift of Charles Ives, from the collection of The National World War II Museum

9. Photograph. Commander McCampbell, ace five times. “File Number 258198 Feature Release: December 12, 1944 Navy marksman sets U. S. record for planes shot down in single duty tour Commander David McCampbell, USN, of Los Angeles, Calif.[California], is snapped in the cockpit of his Grumman Hellcat aboard his Essex-class carrier on October 29, 1944. Miniature ‘Rising Sun’ insignia on his cockpit show that he had shot down 30 Jap [Japanese] planes on that date. He shot down four more for a total of 34 before returning to the U. S. for leave and reassignment -- thus setting a record for the highest total of enemy planes shot down by any U. S. pilot in a single tour of duty.” 12 December 1944


Image Information

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29 Oct 1944-
Los Angeles, California
Theater of Service: 
Pacific Theater of Operations
USS Essex
Topical Subjects: 
Fighter pilots--American
Aircraft carriers--American
Military officers--American
Airplane cockpits
Military decorations
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The Charles Ives Collection consists of 719 photographs from the Pacific Theater of WWII. Many of the photographs were taken between 1944 and 1945. Mr. Ives inherited the photographs from a friend from Marblehead, Massachusetts who served as an aviator in the Army Air Corps and discharged as a Major in 1945.